Why you need a lightning protection system in the state of Georgia

Statistics gathered in 2014 from one insurance firm shows Georgia State leading in terms of number of lightning-related claims. Another report by the University of South Carolina- Hazards and Vulnerability Institute indicates 87 lightning cases in Georgia between 1959 and 2009, which caused property damages running to ten million dollars.

These lightning strikes have been observed to occur mostly in summer season and during months that have extreme weather patterns. With this in mind, it is important for a home or property owner to install lightning protection systems in their buildings.

Who can install lighting protection in your house?

If you are looking for quality lightning protection installation, be keen on the experience, qualification and expertise of the lightning protection installation company. With such a company, you will get value for your money by having your home and family protected from lighting damage.

What kind of property can have lightning protection system?

Lightning protection is equally important regardless of whether the property is residential or commercial. This is because lightning strikes are indiscriminate of the nature of property. The installation time is not specific and one can choose to do it during the construction process or when the building is complete.

Cost of lightning protection

The prices offered by different lightning protection companies vary and it is therefore wise to shop around for the price that is most competitive. As a general rule, avoid prices that are overly low as the quality of work may be equally poor.